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Virtual Strike Duties

Virtual Strike Duties


Virtual Strike Duties

  • Guidance for Strike Captains:
    • Per Strike Standards, each picketing location will have at least one Strike Captain devoted to organizing and tracking participation. If available, designate one strike captain per picketing location/organization to oversee virtual striking.
    • Provide virtual striking alternatives to those who CANNOT picket in person
    • Per Strike Standards, Strike Captains are also responsible for defining and approving picketing alternatives for those rank-and-file members with mitigating personal circumstances. This is both a responsibility and a privilege. Use your best judgment – in addition to the three actions, what would help our cause the most?
  • Guidance for members virtually participating in the strike:
    • Find your strike captain here.
    • SIGN IN to your virtual picket-shift with your strike captain! Coordinate with your strike captain on how to do this.
    • Do not use work equipment to perform any virtual strike actions.

Social Media

Support your union on social media using this social media toolkit and by following our official accounts:  CAPS Instagram and Twitter/X. Like, comment, and reshare CAPS’ posts. Urge the Newsom Administration to honor its own laws and policies and give California State Scientists a fair and equitable deal.

Share our Strike Hardship Fund:

Share our contract webpage:

Teleworkers: Take a photo of your workstation off and your chair empty, then post to social media tagging @CAPSscientists and the “accounts to tag” in the social media toolkit, and using the hashtags #DefianceForScience #ScientistsStrikeBack (and others in the toolkit) along with a brief description of WHY you are withholding your labor. Example: “I’m not at work today because I’m on @capsscientists #DefianceForScience strike! Tired of being disrespected by an administration that doesn’t #ValueScientists enough to give us #PayEquity. #UnionStrong #EqualPayCA

Search on social media for the hashtags listed in the toolkit, #ScientistsStrikeBack #DefianceForScience and like/repost them. Reply, repost, and/or quote tweet if you feel so inclined.

Engage with Flat Gavin on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by liking and resharing. Why not leave him a positive review on Facebook, then share your review with others so they can like the page as well?

Record a TikTok or Facebook video, Instagram Reel, or YouTube Short sharing why you are withholding your labor and participating in the #DefianceForScience strike. Why should the public have reason to be concerned if you had to leave your position and they weren’t able to fill the vacancy? You could also consider a message of support to those on the picket line.

Phone Banking

Let the Governor and his representatives at the bargaining table know State Scientists deserve a fair contract, NOW.

Click here to email the Governor and his representatives to let him know State Scientists deserve a fair contract. Then follow up with phone calls.

  • Gavin Newsom: (916) 445-2841
  • CalHR Lead Negotiator Candace Murch: (916) 531-7737
  • Cal HR Deputy Director Paul Starkey: (916) 215-8579
  • CalHR Director Eraina Ortega: (916) 322-5193
  • Department of Finance Director Joseph Stepenshaw: (916) 445-4141
  • Talking points:
    • It is imperative the State of California find a solution to attract and retain a 21st Century Scientific Workforce that is innovative, motivated, and capable of addressing the major existential public health and environmental threats facing society.
    • Historical salary relationships to comparable positions, and for promotional pathways within Unit 10, need to be restored to recognize minimum qualifications, level of responsibilities and expertise.
    • State scientists are paid 40-60% less than comparable positions who have the same level of responsibility and do similar or identical work.
    • State Scientists have high levels of education, job-required licenses and certifications, continuing education, expertise that is in high demand, and expertise gained through specialized conferences and trainings to ensure they can protect Californians. The work that State Scientists do is critical to the health and well-being of all Californians.
    • Unit 10 is reaching critical mass for the age groups that are close to retirement and have the institutional knowledge and expertise required to ensure the success of the State’s environmental and public health programs.
    • State Scientists deserve and demand a fair contract now!

Petitions and Forms

Ensure that you have signed all of CAPS’ petitions, and SHARE THEM!

Coordinate with your Strike Captain on alternative strike support duties not listed above.

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