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Equal Value. Equal Pay.

Gavin Newsom’s failure to recognize the comparability of the value of work for jobs that employ a higher proportion of females than males undermines the work of women. To address this, 4,400 rank-and-file CAPS-UAW represented California State Scientists are demanding: 

  • Gavin Newsom acknowledge that our female-dominated bargaining unit has done and continues to do substantially similar work to a male-dominated bargaining unit of engineers and compensate us accordingly by restoring our historical equitable salary relationships. 

In January 2022, when the State of California, as an employer, signed its own Equal Pay Pledge, the First Partner stated: “As the state’s largest employer, California is leading by example.  I call on other employers to join us as we work to create a California where all women are valued, respected, and paid equitably.”

For California to be an employer of choice for State Scientists and reflect this Administration’s commitment to pay equity and leading with science, the severe pay inequities State Scientists face need to be fixed.

  • There is a pay gap that exists between state scientists and state engineers.
    • It’s directly correlated with state scientists being predominantly female and state engineers being predominantly male.
    • Same “horizontal pay gap,” with different framing.
    • They’re being paid more because they are predominantly male.
  • This administration claims to support ending gender pay gap–this should resonate.
​UnitFemale​Male​Average Annual Wages*


Some research suggests that fields with a greater proportion of women pay lower salaries, possibly because employers “ascribe a lower value for the work done in occupations with a high share of females and consequently set lower wage levels.”

– CalMatters: ‘Morale killer’: California scientists battle over pay disparities, 2022

“There’s reason to be hopeful, as the Governor appears to have pay equity for state workers on his political radar. He convened a task force to develop, in part, recommendations on pay equity; signed the California Pay Equity Pledge, an initiative of the First Partner; and proposed a Key Data Initiative to gather more information to pinpoint pay inequities. But promises and plans don’t help state scientists pay their monthly bills, and they remain at the bargaining table, negotiating to bring their salaries and benefits to par with state engineers. The governor and state legislature need to bring these negotiations to a close – with a guarantee of pay equity for California’s citizen scientists.

Kate Karpilow’s State scientists deserve pay equity, 2022

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