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DPAs Total Compensation Survey 2006
“The State lags other public employers in all the engineering and scientific benchmark classes, both in total compensation and salary… The State has already begun to address this lag. The collective bargaining agreement for State engineers includes a “parity” provision that has significantly increased State engineer salaries. However, this improvement has a downside: the State now has severe retention problems in the scientist classes where the duties, responsibilities, and knowledge overlap the engineer classes.”
Read the DPA Total Compensation Survey Occupational Findings from 2006
LAO MOU Fiscal Analysis August 2014
In addition, many Unit 10 managers and supervisors will receive large pay increases— between 18 percent and 43 percent—as a result of a recent court decision. The combination of these factors likely will affect management and rank-and-file pay differentials. We advise the Legislature to monitor these changes in salaries and try to maintain appropriate differentials between rank-and-file and managerial classifications.
Read the LAO's MOU Fiscal Analysis Report from August 22, 2014
LAO MOU Fiscal Analysis August 2018
There are a number of classifications represented by Unit 10 that are similar to classifications represented by Unit 9 (professional engineers). There have been issues in the past with retaining Unit 10 members as they are drawn to higher compensation levels provided by the Unit 9 classifications.
Read the August 28, 2018 LAO MOU Fiscal Analysis Report
CalMatters Morale Killer California State Scientists Battle Over Pay Disparities
Throughout the article, the author also cites other voices who are similarly calling for adjustments to compensation for state scientists - from a retired Executive Director from the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board, who stated that “the people that were in my unit, we were all working on the same thing - there was really no specific definition of well this is geologist work, versus engineer versus scientist” to incumbent Secretaries and stakeholder organizations.
Read 'Morale killer' from February 11, 2022 on CalMatters Website
Letter from California Natural Resources Agency Secretary Wade Crowfoot 2020
In summary, clearly Environmental Scientists are underpaid compared to their federal and private sector counterparts, as well as engineers working in state government…Such pay equity is urgently needed to enable high-quality science to meet our Agency’s mission.If unaddressed in collective bargaining, this challenge is anticipated to grow given projected demand for scientists. Minor salary adjustments in recent years have not achieved pay equity for rank and file scientists.
Letter from California Environmental Protection Secretary Jared Blumenfeld 2020
In short, we feel this inequity compromises the long-term success and viability of our agency, and we request that you resolve this issue expeditiously through collective bargaining.…During his first speech in office, Governor Newsom discussed the importance of establishing equity where it doesn't exist. It is my firm belief that this is precisely the type of situation to which he referred.
Pay Equity NGO Support Letter 2022
On behalf of the California Institute for Biodiversity and co‐signed organizations, we write with thanks for your ongoing commitment to pay equity, and to ask that you step forward with assertive leadership to address long‐standing pay equity issues for California’s State Scientists.
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Review the support documents CAPS submitted to Governor Newsom and more in support of California Scientists. Documents will be posted here as they become available. Check back regularly for more details. 

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