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Follow us on our official social media and amplify our message: CAPS Twitter/X and Instagram. Show your support using the hashtags below.

Urge the the State of California to reach a fair and equitable deal with State Scientists!

Tell your personal story, explain why State Scientists are important to you, change your profile photo, or use the sample language and graphics below to create original posts.

Support CAPS and State Scientists with Social Media Actions! Participate and Share:


  • Follow @capsscientists and use the hashtag #ValueScientists 
  • Follow @FlatGavin and #FlatGavin! 
  • Tag @CAPSscientists!  
  • Include one or more of the recommended hashtags in each post 
  • Include a graphic, photo, or gif (you can use the graphics on this page in your posts!) 
  • Personalize your posts! 
  • Make a strong ask by sharing your story!


  • #ValueScientists 
  • #EqualPayCA 
  • #AvoidCollapse 
  • #CAStateScientists 


  • @capsscientists
  • @calhr_gov
  • @cagovernor
  • @gavinnewsom
  • @JenSiebelNewsom


  • How does the work of #CaStateScientists benefit you?  
  • What does #ValueScientists mean to you? 
  • What does “equitable salaries” mean to you? 
  • #CaStateScientists need pay equity because… 
  • I support #CaStateScientists because…. 
  • Spread knowledge about what #CaStateScientists are fighting for by sharing our platform:  
  • Ask your friends and family to sign on and support our platform here:  
  • Post a picture at a CAPS event and with #CaStateScientists!  
  • Follow #FlatGavin to increase awareness about what California State Scientists do for the State, and to amplify our message: State Scientists across California are united in demanding pay equity. NOW is the time for the Newsom Administration to #ValueScientists. 
  • Does your furry friend support CAPS and #CaStateScientists? Tag @capsscientists and hashtag #ValueScientists with photos of your pets! 


Graphics to Share

Click on any of the thumbnail images below to expand and save! 

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Social Media Posts

Post Ideas

    • We must right-size #CaStateScientists compensation. @GavinNewsom put your money where your mouth is because scientists ARE LEAVING and the State is SUFFERING. #ValueScientists  
    • @GavinNewsom Enough is enough. Settle a fair contract with #CaStateScientists now. #ValueScientists 
    • #CaStateScientists voted overwhelmingly to put their money where their mouths are, 94% voted to authorize a strike. @GavinNewsom it’s your turn. #EqualPayCA  
    • #CaStateScientists have been without a contract for 3 years because @GavinNewsom refuses to provide equal pay for equal work. #ValueScientists  
    • #CaStateScientists make 62%-210% less than their managers and 37-50% less than state employees in other bargaining units who perform comparable work. #EqualPayCA #PayEquityNOW #ValueScientists @GavinNewsom  
    • You can’t have science without scientists. Pay equity NOW! #ValueScience! 
    • It’s imperative that the State of California leads by example and is able to compete for the best scientific talent. #ValueScience! 
    • I support CAPS because it’s crucial for us to come together to fight for the resources we need so that we can be effective Scientists for the people of California! 
    • We demand a fair contract for State Scientists – PAY EQUITY NOW! #ValueScientists 
    • #CaStateScientists never quit during the pandemic, yet they’ve been out of a contract since 2020. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is and #ValueScientists, @GavinNewsom @CalHR_gov 
    • #CaStateScientists implement the @CAGovernor ‘s critical scientific programs. It’s past time for these public servants to get the raise they deserve. #ValueScientists 
    • We demand action, NOW. Do the right thing and give #CaStateScientists a fair contract. #ValueScientists #PayEquity 

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