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Take Action!

Take Action!


How to Support State Scientists

Stand with the over 4,000 State Scientists who protect the public from life-threatening diseases, safeguard our wildlife and abundant natural resources, ensure the safety of our food, and protect our air and water from toxic waste and pollution! 

Here are some ways to show your support for CAPS in our ongoing fight for a fair contract.

We urge you to demand that Governor Newsom and his Administration swiftly invest in California State Scientists to ensure California is able to fulfill our obligations to the world to avoid collapse. 

Join CAPS for a rally outside of the California Democratic Party’s November 2023 State Endorsing Convention on Saturday, November 18, 2023, in Downtown Sacramento! 
Governor Newsom will likely be in attendance, in addition to many other elected officials and candidates for public office. Show up to advocate for the importance of State Scientists and the work YOU do for California on a daily basis! Wear your CAPS Green and bring all of your colleagues, family and friends. 

Commit to attend by filling out the interest form below.  You can show solidarity with State Scientists by attending the Rally outside the convention and demanding that Governor Newsom Value Scientists!

Click here to commit to attend the rally! 

Support CAPS and State Scientists with Social Media Actions! Participate and Share:


  • Follow @capsscientists and use #ValueScientists
  • Tag @CAPSscientists for a chance to be featured on our social media!
  • Include one or more of the recommended hashtags in each post
  • Include a graphic, photo, or gif (you can use the graphics on this page in your posts!)
  • Personalize your posts!
  • Make a strong ask by sharing your story!


  • #ValueScientists
  • #EqualPayCA
  • #AvoidCollapse
  • #CAStateScientists
  • #PayEquity


    • @capsscientists
    • @calhr_gov
    • @cagovernor
    • @gavinnewsom
    • @JenSiebelNewsom
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